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Is integrative health care for you? Your health story is unique and we recognize that. At our Calgary integrative care clinic, we work diligently to find relief, prevent disease, heal, and help you get the most out of life.


Integrative Medicine Calgary

We apply the best of integrative medicine – it’s a functional approach that combines evidence-based integrative medicine with other complementary disciplines.


Integrative Care Practitioners

Our Calgary health care professionals share a sense of compassion, a commitment to proactive and innovative care and a desire to make lifelong, profound transformations in people’s health and wellness.

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“Dr Eric Arrata has not only helped me see what is happening in my body and why, but also helped me to learn and understand how everything works so that proceeding into the future I can make better choices to support the healing of my body always with Naturopathic treatments. He has helped me learn and understand different ways that I can work on my life to help my body heal, from diet, to therapy as the mind can affect the body drastically, to lifestyle, to learning ways to love myself and live a better life so that I can start living and practicing ways that will carry on, and that I can use for as long as I live.”
Lisa, Calgary, Read More
“Eclipse integrative health clinic is more a sanctuary than a clinic. With a calm space in which to be truly heard, my healing began. I hold much gratitude for Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Eric Arrata, and Medical Family Doctor, Dr Shona Imlah.”
Michelle Malmberg, Calgary, Read more
I first came to eclipse after four years of suffering from infertility. I had been to many other clinics from Canada to the US and we hadn’t had any success. Eclipse Health Group was the first Integrative health clinic where we felt like more than a number. For such a personal journey this was life changing for us, we finally had some hope.  The optimism and determination that went into our care was second to none. The Naturopathic Doctors at Eclipse Health Group had determined some fine tuning that needed to happen and with a lot of close monitoring we worked to make those adjustments. We are now the proud parents to a baby girl who is also benefiting from the care of the staff at Eclipse.”
Lindsay, Calgary, Read more
“My husband and I came to eclipse for fertility help. We had been trying to have a baby for almost 3 years with no success. I was diagnosed with PCOS and thought that maybe we would never have a baby. The Naturopathic Doctors at Eclipse Health Group were super helpful. They got us on vitamins and a diet change that helped us out health wise greatly. They sent us for the right testing and the right medication and as a result we were able to get pregnant just 2 short months after starting with them! They offered so much support and showed us so much love. Every time we went in there we were greeted warmly and they were super easy to communicate with. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for fertility help in Calgary and any health help for that matter.
Sydney, Calgary, Read more

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