Our mission is to enhance and support lifelong health through a unique combination of conventional and integrative medicine. We bring together a team of professionals committed to compassionate and innovative care.

You’ll find a unique approach at our Calgary integrative medicine clinic:

  • It’s like a family. Our team members work very closely with each other and with you. We develop a personalized and holistic treatment plan that’s unique to you. Each patient has a care coordinator to help navigate and get the most out of our clinic.
  • Every patient has a story to tell. When you talk, we really listen. Your treatment plan emerges following extensive diagnostic testing (done right here in house) and meaningful conversations, where we listen carefully to the issues you are having, and take a deeper look at your lifestyle, health history, and goals.
  • It’s really a new way. Ours is an innovative and collaborative approach to lifelong wellness, transforming and optimizing healthcare. It’s the best of all worlds, right here in Calgary.