Eden Energy Medicine (TCM)

Eden Energy Medicine uses principles from TCM.  Chinese medicine recognizes the “life force” that flows in the human system, animates life and brings vitality. This life force is called “Qi” in Chinese Medicine or “Prana” in Yoga. This paradigm differs from Traditional Western Medicine that does not acknowledge “Qi”. In Traditional Western Medicine we focus on the physical body. Eden Energy Medicine sees Qi, sometimes referred to as “energy”, as a key to affect change.

When our vital energy is flowing freely and easily we may feel very vibrant and healthy. When there are blocks or disruptions to this flow we may feel hampered, encumbered with difficulties and develop symptoms. Blocks or imbalances occur for so many reasons. Some include our habits, behaviors, beliefs, emotions and even physical and emotional trauma.

We want to work with the whole system, encouraging a feeling of safety so change can be integrated. In medical terms we invite the fight-fright-freeze-fear response or sympathetic system to take a rest, and allow the parasympathetic, relaxation system to turn on for healing to happen.

Eden Energy Medicine uses muscle testing to check for imbalances. Then, a variety of techniques and protocols help bring more balance. These techniques involve gentle touching of different acupressure points; tracing the skin along specific pathways; exercises or postures designed for different effects; and using focused thought, emotions and visualizations.

Eden Energy Medicine is an excellent technique to facilitate healing of a wide variety of conditions. Stimulating the parasympathetic system helps turn on our healing response. Balancing the energetic flow encourages the system to develop better habits that also stimulate healing. The beauty of Eden Energy Medicine is that it is very gentle and safe, and can be used with other healing modalities.

Meet our Eden Energy Practitioner: