Everyone’s fertility is unique, whether it’s a follicular quality issue, low progesterone values or any other hormonal imbalance, our trained Calgary Fertility Acupuncturist can help. Fertility Acupuncture breaks down the cycle into 4 different phases and makes a treatment plan specific to you and your cycle. Often, weekly treatments will be advised, herbals may be given and treatments will be customized to regulate the hormones depending on where you are in your cycle. It works simply by balancing the hormones that are out of balance in the body. With this balancing, fertility is a beautiful side effect, for example, if progesterone levels re-balance, the luteal phase will lengthen and be able to support future pregnancy..

How does Acupuncture help fertility?

Acupuncture for fertility has been studied and shown to help increase pregnancy rates with treatments before and after Invitrofertilization (IVF). In another well performed study, Acupuncture for fertility showed improved endometrial receptivity for implantation.

Is Acupuncture safe during pregnancy?

Absolutely. Actually, it’s encouraged! Fertility Acupuncture has been very effectively used to help support women during their first trimester. Acupuncture is a wonderful and safe option for women with a history of miscarriage to help support the body through the first trimester. It is also a great option for women experiencing pregnancy side effects, while we know the root of these symptoms is the pregnancy, so they can not be ‘cured’ acupuncture can help to manage these symptoms providing some relief. Common symptoms treated are but not limited to are nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, congestion, heart burn, emotional upset or pain. Acupuncture is also highly recommended starting weekly at 36 weeks for labour preparation until baby arrives. It has been studied and shown that with a few acupuncture treatments before labour, overall labour time was decreased, averaging from 8 hours down to 6 hours. More women had natural births with less medical interventions and had a quicker recovery time after birth. It has been shown to help with breech babies and is also often sought out as a natural method to help encourage labour when appropriate.

Meet our Calgary Fertility Acupuncturist:

Kelly Grant, DTCM, RAc.

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