Eclipse Health Group is pleased to offer an impressive range of diagnostics all under our own roof. This means less wait time, less stress and a quicker road to recovery for our patients.

We can use these tests to identify the source of your health issues quickly and efficiently.
Here at Eclipse, we test for food sensitivities, stool analysis, toxic ad essential element, cardiovascular profile, urine hormone testing, gastrointestinal and immunology profiles, nutritional profiles, metabolic assessments, early-detection genetic testing, autoimmune profiles, neurotransmitter and endocrine profiles, environmental pollutants profile, and many more.

Darkfield Microscopy (“Live Blood Analysis”) Blood Analysis is simple, quick and accurate way to provide a composite of over 25 aspects with a simple drop of blood drawn painlessly from your finger. Darkfield microscopy now allows us to observe multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, and tendencies toward allergic reaction, excess fat circulation, liver weakness and conditions that favor arteriosclerosis.

Blood is magnified by 30,000 times, giving us the ability to assess how the body is compensating to its environment, and to monitor your progression while on treatment. The blood is the pathway to the flesh and tells all. Darkfield blood cell analysis is not a diagnostic procedure for specific disease. It is best used to help determine the optimal diet and most effective supplementation (enzymes, herbs, antioxidants, etc.) and is a very valuable tool as a ‘stress test’. It is used as an ongoing evaluation with any disease or condition.

The DPA Photo-Plethysmograph is a FDA-approved device used to measure and analyze pulse waveforms and heart rate providing an excellent snapshot of your cardiovascular health and the autonomic nervous system that controls it. It provides information regarding changes in blood volume and vessel pressure through the use of a non-invasive, infrared light fingertip measurement probe. The measurement probe has a light-emitting diode (LED) on one side and sensor on the other that allows the light from the LED transmitted through the tissue to be received at the sensor which then detects the amount of light absorbed by hemoglobin.

The HRV/DPA device then converts the transmitted light changes into a waveform and displays digital values of pulse rate as well as a graphic display of the pulse waveform and related indices on the report. In addition, the DPA also displays a second pulse waveform (Accelerated Plethysmograph) to provide a better evaluation of arterial aging. With this information the DPA is able to measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and analyze the stress response, both of which are used to evaluate the regulation and balance within the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is responsible for our “fight or fight” and “feed and breed” reactions.

Homeostasis is the ability of a body in maintaining physiological balance. Your body’s internal homeostatic controls swing back and forth, adjusting as needed between healthy limits. When a fundamental homeostatic control gets stuck or moves beyond a healthy limit without the ability to return to “normal”, the healthy adaptive capacity of the body may be lost,  and health begins to fail. The measurement and readjusting of these homeostatic controls is appropriately called Flow Systems Auditing. Using both physical exam and physiological (urine and saliva) measures, Flow System Audit is able to measures these core controls that then allows for precise and dynamic correcting recommendations to be made. It is simply taking a look at physiology through your body’s natural feedback mechanisms, and using tools of science to make more intelligent decisions about how you might gain more dynamic health at all levels.

A food allergy or sensitivity can develop in an individual at all ages. A food allergy generally occurs immediately after ingesting a reactive food, and can in some cases be life-threatening. In comparison to a food sensitivity reaction which has a delayed onset and can occur over hours or even days after consuming a certain food, thus making food sensitivities difficult to diagnose without the specific testing. Delayed food sensitivity reactions can have the following effects:

  • Digestive: Constipation, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, gas and bloating.
  • Skin: Itching, redness, swelling and rashes (Eczema, Psoriasis)
  • Brain: Brain fog, behavioral problems, mood and memory disturbances.
  • Lungs: Asthma and bronchitis symptoms.
  • Systemic: Fever, fatigue, chills, sweating, feeling of weakness and puffiness.

Digestive disorders (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease)  migraines, mood/attention deficit disorders (hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, etc.) and weight gain (fluid retention, weight gain) are some prominent conditions that are correlated with food sensitivities.

At Eclipse Health Group, we offer a variety of allergy and food sensitivity testing options. These tests help identify problematic food reactions and other imbalances, so they can be corrected before disease/illness develops. Finding out what foods you react to is an important step to achieving better health.

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The lymphatic system is comprised of many vessels, ducts and nodes that network together to transport fluid between cells and tissues to promote the destruction of antigens that can cause infection.  Just like the arteries in the body, the lymph nodes can become clogged by proteins and other nutrients, leading to sluggish flow throughout the lymphatic system. There are many precursors to why this may occur; injury, poor diet, and stress are just to name a few! When the lymph system is slow, it can result in lymph fluid build-up in the tissues called Edema. This back-up of fluid in the system inhibits the release of toxins from the body, and can lead to much more serious complications in the body.

Lymphstar is a treatment developed to drain the lymph nodes of that fluid build-up. It is a manual drainage system that uses a low energy vibration and conducts impulses through the affected lymph nodes to promote fluid drainage.

Some Benefits of Lymph Star:

  • Decrease in pain to affected area
  • Improves fluid flow throughout the body
  • Increases detoxification effects
  • Provides relaxation, and increased energy
  • Promotes a more effective lymphatic system in overall health
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