“I have had many different medical issues for many years. Some of those issues are serious, some are minor, some I was born with, some I created thru poor life style choices, and some from working with natural doctors who do not know and understand what they are doing when in comes to natural medicine. My biggest medical issue that I am working on at this time is Epilepsy. This condition has totally changed my life, my families and friends lives, taken my power away in so many areas, and caused me so much pain. In my journey to find a way to heal my body naturally, by miracle, I found Eric Arrata. From the first day that I have started working with Eric, he has helped me learn how to work on my life and start healing – Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and anything else that you can think of. Eric is very knowledgeable in so many areas, and he is always learning and so happy to share his knowledge to help you heal. Eric has an amazing passion for helping people to heal and improve their lives. At Eclipse Health Group Eric works with an amazing team, where they all help each other to help the patients heal. I have work with a few others from the clinic, and all of them have been so amazing to work with. All of them are so kind, caring, passionate about healing, supportive and so happy to help you feel better and be happy. Truly amazing people. I have to say that I would not be here today, writing this letter, if Eric and the team at Eclipse had not helped me in all of the ways that he has, and that they have. Eric is an amazing, wonderful person. He is very kind, compassionate, supportive, understanding, so knowledgeable in so many areas about health, healing and things that go along with it all, patience, willing to admit when wrong or does not understand something and needs time to research further and he is true example of how a person can and wants to help another and so much more which you will see and learn once having spent time with and worked with Eric or the team at Eclipse. Eric will always hold a special place in my life and in my families life. My husband never believed in anything natural for a long time, but from all of our experiences with Eric and the team at Eclipse my husband is now willing to give natural medicine a chance. He is amazed how much it has helped myself, how it has saved my life, how it has changed both of our lives and helped us both to find ourselves and each other to start living better loving lives in all areas. Eric has always tried his very best way to find a way to help me and work with me the way that I am. I can be stubborn and a know it all, and very impatient, extremely challenging, wanting to be heard above all, and so many other fun things to deal with…. but no matter what my mood or personality quality has been, Eric found a way to work with me and help me thru, and feel good about myself. Eric has stood by my side and given me a chance, and knowledge to help me find myself, and while I worked on my many different paths to finding myself Eric has never once judged me or told me what I should be doing to find myself, or whats right or wrong, or what I am missing and so on….. Eric really understood what it means to support another and gave me the time, space and support that I needed to find yourself, to get where you need to so you can work on healing your body further in all areas. I am soooo grateful for it all. Eric has not only helped me see what is happening in my body and why, but also helped me to learn and understand how everything works so that proceeding into the future I can make better choices to support the healing of my body always. He has helped me learn and understand different ways that I can work on my life to help my body heal, from diet, to therapy as the mind can affect the body drastically, to lifestyle, to learning ways to love myself and live a better life so that I can start living and practicing ways that will carry on, and that I can use for as long as I live.”
“Eclipse is more a sanctuary than a clinic. With a calm space in which to be truly heard, my healing began. I hold much gratitude for Dr.Eric, and Dr.Shona.”
Michelle Malmberg
“A doctors visit isn’t something a child is excited about unless your doctor happens to be Dr. Erickson! My son feels comfortable and at ease during his appointments. We never feel rushed and I feel confident that the care he is receiving is going to put him on the right track for many healthy years to come.”
Mother of Cade (7 years old)
“I first came to eclipse after four years of suffering from infertility. I had been to many other clinics from Canada to the US and we hadn’t had any success. Eclipse was the first clinic where we felt like more than a number. For such a personal journey this was life changing for us, we finally had some hope. The optimism and determination that went into our care was second to none. The doctors at eclipse had determined some fine tuning that needed to happen and with a lot of close monitoring we worked to make those adjustments. We are now the proud parents to a baby girl who is also benefiting from the care of the staff at Eclipse.”
“Dear Dr. Erickson I can’t believe my little girl is a year old. I wanted to say thank you for not only taking a general interest in Priya’s well being but mine as well. I really do appreciate it. It’s hard to find a practionner who takes pride in their work and truly cares about their patients.”
“I found Eclipse after I had numerous stomach issues that I was not able to resolve with my family doctor. I no longer wanted to keep trying various medications and was looking to find the root of my problems. I left my first appointment feeling understood, valued and enlightened. That was 2 years ago and not only do I feel great today, but I now have the knowledge and ability to seek the health care that I need and deserve. “
“I love that Dr. Lameris and Leah (RMT) work together as they do. I see Leah for a deep massage, then simply walk across the hall to have an adjustment with Dr. Lameris. I find the adjustment holds and I feel better much faster. A wonderful team!”
“My entire family has seen Leah for massage at Eclipse. My husband and I love that she gives a deep, yet relaxing treatment and her bedside manner is professional yet warm. My kids loved their massage too! For my 11 year old to be on a table for a 1 hour massage and not get bored was a first. This to me shows Leah’s skill and warmth. She even taught me how to massage my baby, so we now do baby massage before bed each night. I would highly recommend Leah as a therapist~ both for her ability to relax you as she works out sore muscles and for her obvious love of her work.”